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Who Am I?

My name is Kelan Harper, I’m 19 years old, and I’m from Hayti, Missouri. Last year on June 25th I established a Clothing Brand which is called “Ultimate Masterpiece Apparel” (UMP) which is represented to never give up on your dreams and always focus on the ultimate task at hand. My clothing website was launched on October 15th of last year.

How Did I Start Making Content?

During my journey while building my clothing brand, I realized that the best possible way that people can understand my Brand and the meaning behind it from a BETTER perspective, is if I tell my story that BEST possible way that I can, which led me into making Content. I post on TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube DAILY regarding to Mindset hacks, tips for Habits, and Relationships.

What Am I Up To Now?

After my launch, I exceeded even more expectations that I could EVER imagine. I’ve hosted the FIRST EVER Pop-up shop in my hometown area, had one of my YouTube idols that I idolized as a kid rock my merch and shouted me out, got on live television, and met Great people along my journey as well! But even though that I’ve did all of those life CHANGING things, i still felt like it was more work to be done, I felt the urge to tell my story from a clearer and better perspective. Even though I believed my hometown was very supportive, I felt limited while being there. I’ve decided to put my 2 weeks notice in at my job and move to a new environment! Where I am currently living at! I decided to take the leap of faith to better myself, get closer with The Lord, cut off bad habits and cut into better habits to become a BETTER and HEALTHIER person and also to expand my business! But this time… NOT in the likes of (Clothing Brand) but in the likes of impacting others the BEST way that I can and i decided to start a Personal Development business in Self Confidence! I’ve realized that my passion was to allow others with Low self esteem lives a WHOLE lot better. I love dealing with people 1 on 1 because it gives me a better and clearer perspective into who I am working and dealing with and also what kind of person whom I’m helping in order for me and to help them to get the results that they’re looking for. I’ve always been someone who was willing to help others because I was in their shoes once upon a time. After the fact that I’ve got TWO Testimonial videos by 2 AMAZING people, I’ve decided to make a blue print, a 5 step process for people who with Low self esteem dealing with Mindset, Habits, and even Relationships problems.

Brief Summary Of Program:

This 5-step process is to help people with Low self esteem to go from someone who can’t even look at they self, to someone that they could be Truly Proud Of! My question to you is are you ready to take this HUGE leap? Is it your time to shine? YES IT IS!

What Do Ultimate Masterpiece Symbolizes?

UMP symbolizes the kind of person I’m truly am, someone who is dedicated, passionate, and Hardworking.

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