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HELLO!! Nice to see you again!! My name is Kelan Harper And I just want to say to you that I am EXTREMELY and PROUD of you for making the decision to learn more about The NEW 21-Day “Self Confidence” Challenge Program!!

This 5-step process is provided to help Young Teens and Middle Age Adults With Low Self Esteem, Habits, and Broken Relationships! I was once in the shoes of a person with low self esteem and someone that settle for less and thought that my job was to please others that was around me. Ultimately after I graduated High School, The Lord gave me the clarity that I was desperately needing and never knew that I needed! I realized that this was MY life and I have to write MY OWN story and that’s exactly what I did!

I was blessed and gifted a 9-5 factory job that I was EXTREMELY honored to have. It was my first experience to get the feel of a REAL and GOOD PAYING job, I was also the youngest person that working there at the time (18 years old). I captured the opportunity to use my Good paying job to help build my Clothing Brand Business. After my first check I used the Money and bought up to 20 shirts to customize for my brand. I customized 10 shirts to get the feel of my logo, and to also see how many shirts could I get off of me in a day. That was a small goal that I set for myself, and the same day I set that same goal I sold all 10 shirts in that same day! And that was when “Ultimate Masterpiece Apparel” (UMP) was born!

After that I’ve exceeded every expectation that I’ve set for myself and start to achieve EVEN MORE! But the more as my Clothing Brand started to grow. I realized that being in my hometown while growing my business 

can be a limitation that can ultimately stop me, and I didn’t want to be stopped! Also I’ve realized that I wanted to tell my story and impact others the BEST way that I can and I knew that taking a HUGE leap into leaving my hometown was going to ultimately have to be done! And on January 2, 2023 I decided to leave and move to Indiana!

I realized that I wanted to become a Personal Developer In Self-Confidence! Someone who can help others with low self esteem from a PERSONAL standpoint (which is 1 on 1)! I’ve decided to move away from my hometown and work on myself (mentally and physically), Expand my Brand, and also get closer with the Lord! I can tell you that its been a RIDE for sure lol, but the more I wake up, the more I see the progress In what I am making myself out to be!

And that is why I made this 5-step process! It is to show and to prove to others and most importantly YOURSELF that it doesn’t matter HOW MANY obstacles you have in front of you or no matter the circumstances you are currently going through, if you want something as badly as ever or want to become a person that you thought you could NEVER become, you will do ANYTHING and EVERYTHING to make sure that “that something” becomes your reality.

I’ll ALSO be here EVERY STEP OF THE WAY!! Yes! You’ll have at least 1 CALL with me for the EACH OF 5 STEPS! (relating to the step that you’re currently going through) to help you personally into getting more clarification on the step that you are currently going through for 30 mins. I just want to ask you…ARE YOU READY!? Is this YOUR TIME TO SHINE? I BELIEVE IT IS!

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